enTouch KK and Toho Holdings Enter into a Capital Alliance to Create a New Promotional Model for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers

enTouch KK (Head office located in Tokyo; President & CEO, Marty Roberts, Ph.D.; “enTouch”) today announces that it has entered into a capital alliance with Toho Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office located in Tokyo; President & Representative Director, Atsushi Udoh; “Toho Holdings”). Given the declining access of pharmaceutical Medical Representatives (MRs) to Health Care professionals (HCPs), now compounded by restrictions on promotional activities related to COVID-19, enTouch and Toho Holdings are offering pharmaceutical, medical device and other healthcare product manufacturers a new means of accessing HCPs and promoting products.


enTouch is a leader in online contract MR remote detailing services for the pharmaceutical, medical device and wider healthcare industry, uniquely positioned to provide healthcare information online to HCPs via individual online meetings, saving HCPs’ time so they can better focus on informed patient care with the information they need to make critical decisions. 


In a recent survey conducted by enTouch in July to more than 800 Japanese doctors, nearly half of the doctors answered that the institutions they work at have placed even more strict visit restrictions on on-site MR visits throughout the initial wave of COVID-19, making doctor access for promotional or educational purposes more difficult than ever before.  Moreover, half of those doctors mainly foresee such restrictions continuing into the future. HCPs believe that the traditional role of the MR will become less important moving forward, as digital services can provide the information doctors need in a more safe and convenient fashion.


Combining Toho Holding’s unique access to healthcare facilities and enTouch’s expertise in online information provision, enTouch and Toho Holdings aim to provide a new outsourced model of promotion to pharmaceutical, medical device and other healthcare oriented companies. 


About Toho Holdings Co., Ltd. https://www.tohohd.co.jp/en/

Toho Holdings is a corporate group active in medical, nursing and healthcare fields, engaged in pharmaceutical wholesaling, dispensing pharmacy, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceuticals, and development and provision of customer support systems under the corporate slogan "Total Commitment to Good Health". Toho Holdings also proactively promotes initiatives for regional medical collaboration, nursing and home care.


About enTouch KK https://www.entouch.co.jp/en

enTouch is a pioneer of remote detailing contract medical representative services in Japan. Having serviced top pharmaceutical, medical device and other healthcare companies, enTouch has experience in promoting rare disease, newly launched brands and long-listed products. enTouch provides cutting edge technology, talent and services to aid clients in more effective and efficient promotional strategies.


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